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• Challenging the tier placement

• Filing an application to be removed from the Registration Requirement

• Assisting in the application to relocate

• Representing clients who have failed to register

• Representing clients who have failed to update their information

• Representing clients who have failed to notify of a relocation


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Learn about Megan's Law

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Individuals convicted of a sex crime in New Jersey are likely to receive a prison sentence and, after release, the requirement of registering on the Sex Offender Registry. This includes convictions of sexual assault, criminal sexual contact, and possession of child pornography. This leads to restrictions on where you can live and work. With the aid of an experienced attorney, it may be possible to challenge the tier you are required to register as, which could reduce some of the long term effect.

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Megan's Law, put into place in 1994, requires certain convicted sex offenders to register with law enforcement. When this occurs, communities are notified of the individual living there. Failing to register can lead to additional jail time. The law requires individuals to be classified under three tiers within the system.


Tier 1: Police are notified and you must continue to update annually. You'll need to provide your name, address, birth date, car type, and employment information. You must provide 10-day notification if you move.


Tier 2: Police and schools notified, as well as groups requesting information. Annual updates and the 10-day address change notifications are also necessary.


Tier 3: Police, schools, and communities are notified. Monthly updates are required and a 10-day notice of address change is necessary.

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The Registrant Risk Assessment Scale determines the tier classification. It is possible to challenge this placement based on various factors. Let us help you to do just that. With nearly 20 years of experience, you can trust our attorney to help you with cases such as:

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