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Criminal Defense

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When you call the Law Office of Brian Corley White, you get an aggressive attorney with nearly 20 years of experience to defend your child and to protect his or her rights. Trust an attorney that's handled hundreds of cases like this with success.

You don't have to face these charges alone

Turn to an experienced juvenile law attorney

There's so many risks for minors who face criminal charges. The results of these legal actions can have long lasting impacts on their lives. Colleges, work positions, and many other factors can be affected. Sexual-related charges can even lead to labeling as a sexual predator. Even DWI charges can lead to the inability to obtain a driver's license.

Expect reliable service

When your child is in trouble, you want nothing more than to fix it. Trust our dedicated attorney to help you through your case.

• Drug charges

• Sex offenses

• Violent crimes, including assault and burglary

• Shoplifting and theft charges

• Destruction of property

• Vandalism

• DUI/DWI and other alcohol-related arrests

Get comprehensive support for:

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There's no risk.

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