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Criminal Defense

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No matter what you are facing, you need an experienced attorney by your side through the process. With nearly 20 years of experience, you can count on Attorney Brian Corley White to remain by your side.

Comprehensive support for DUI charges

You need an aggressive DWI/DUI attorney

For many people, a DUI or DWI charge is one of the most serious types of charges they will face. It is not a criminal offense. However, you are likely to be arrested and face jail time and fines as a result. You may even lose your license for an substantial period of time. Keep in mind that if you refuse to take a breath test, you may be facing additional penalties just as extreme as DUI/DWI charges. Additionally, if you have a CDL, you'll face even more penalties, even if you are driving a private passenger vehicle.

Act now

Don't wait any longer to call us. Let us help you talk to the police.

• Discuss your case with us

• Let us obtain and review the discovery (the evidence file)

• Let our attorney examine the validity of the motor vehicle stop

• We'll work with you to determine if it can be challenges

• Trust us to fully analyze breathalyzer or Alcotest test readings

• We'll work with a defense expert when necessary

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You can also work with us through defense against DUI, which occurs when you are charged with being under the influence of another substance, rather than alcohol. You can depend on our dedicated attorney to obtain all documentation in your case, including blood and urine samples, to determine if there is a way or reason to dispute them.

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