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Criminal Defense

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• Drug charge defense

• Drug possession

• Possession with intent to distribute

• Manufacturing CDS

• Trafficking

• School zone issues

• Controlled dangerous substance (CDS)

• Marijuana

• Cocaine

• Steroids

• Prescription drugs, painkillers


Call us today to get reliable help from an attorney with 20 years of experience as a trial attorney.

Let us defend you in any of these CDS charges:

Expect an aggressive attorney

If you are facing drug charges, realize that you could face severe penalties. When you hire our dedicated attorney, you'll learn about the options available to defend against the charges or to protect your rights.

Call a dedicated attorney

You need a trustworthy attorney by your side. You can count on getting that when you call our office.

It is often possible to request a motion to suppress evidence. To determine if this is possible in your case, our attorney will investigate the search and seizure of your property to determine if the conduct of officials was constitutional. Whenever possible, we'll work to uncover additional information and look for probable cause evidence. If possible, we'll work to challenge your arrest or any seizure of drugs or paraphernalia as an effort to suppress your charges.

You may be able to get a motion to suppress

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