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Criminal Defense

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Domestic violence charges are complicated legal matters. You'll need to hire an attorney that has ample experience and the ability to pursue these types of legal matters with the right skill. A final restraining order hearing is a trial proceeding. It is conducted by the Superior Court of New Jersey before a Superior Court Judge. For this reason, you need an attorney that has successfully helped others through this very difficult process.


Because of the unique nature of these proceedings there is no surefire way to know what the outcome of these charges will be in many domestic violence cases. Trust us to remain by your side throughout the case, providing you with defense options available to you. Call us today to get the support you need.

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Domestic violence is a very serious matter that creates a lasting impact on your life. Let our knowledge and experience in this area help you to defend against these charges so you can avoid criminal prosecution and the restraining order that often comes out of proceedings like this.

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When you hire Brian Corley White, you'll be working with an attorney with nearly 20 years of experience as a trial attorney. This is critical in these types of "he said, she said" cases. Let our aggressive legal style provide you with confidence.

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